Christmas 2017

It feels so wrong for me to be starting christmas this early, I’m usually pretty allergic to it until December, but I’m feeling it this year… so… My Christmas Cards for 2017 will soon be available for order on my Etsy shop, any questions please contact me via my Email! 

2017 Round Up

I’ve been so very terrible at updating my blog, so better late than never I thought I’d update you on my 2017. 

Starting at my first personal project of 2017; ‘100 Days of Collage’, I made 100 Collages in 100 days which I documented using my Instagram account (gabbyzwalker). I decided to embark on the project because with also working a day time job I found I was gathering many ideas which I had been sketching but never had the time to create, with the rules of the project I found that I was committing to making time every day to make a piece, whether is be a quick 20 minute idea or a full day spent on a piece I found that I was generating more ideas to build from. It made me feel a lot more free about making work, with a time scale to stick to. Here are a few which haven’t been featured on my website. 

With great timing, after finishing my 100 days, I was approached by artist and founder of ‘We Came To Conquer’ Aaron Scott-Griffin with a brief to respond to the vast print archive of Norwich Castle. We Came Here to Conquer is a Norwich based collected, the artists work loosely connects to printing. I have worked with the collective before exhibiting my work, ‘It is she that makes it always winter’.  Obviously I accepting this exciting brief. After much research which I documented on my research blog (, I chose artist Ian Breakwell, in particular his dairies, I found my blog becoming more a diary of my findings which echoed the diary format of Ian Breakwell. 

Throughout my research I was looking for common narrative throughout Breakwell’s diary entries, I found a constant comment on the society that he lived in. This lead me to think about the society I live in, further research can be read in my research blog, I found in daily life the repetitive of daily life had a pattern. I started to think about how I would get up in the morning before work and watch the news, hear tragic stories and get on with my day as normal as if nothing had happened, I had become numb to the news. Throughout the day I would the hear/ see the story repeated in many ways, whether is be on social media feeds on my phone, the news or news papers. I thought a lot about how social media has affected us, and how it effects our daily lives, perhaps its some sort of mask. 

The exhibition features 10 other incredible artists, who have also responded to Norwich Castles print archive. It has been a great project to be part of I loved emerging myself into research again and has been a great opportunity to work along side such talented artists. The project was funded by the Arts council and will be shown in Norwich Castle until March so theres still plenty of time to visit the exhibition. 

I have also started an Etsy shop, which has some of my work from the 100 days project. I am also offering a service for personalised portraits and pet portraits, they would make great gifts, especially with Christmas coming up. I am also currently working on a series of Christmas cards, which I will be selling a small number of through my Etsy shop.

My work also was part of RCA postcard sale again, here are the pieces that I submitted: 

My Diver image has also been published in:  A5 Magazine CVA Zine and was the back cover artwork for Wotisart this summer: 

I also screen printed the image at Print Club London, in one of their workshops, which I would like to keep exploring, so watch this space. 

So, thats most of my 2017 updated. My early resolution is to keep my news updated!

No Place to Stay Solo

I’m currently showing my work in The Great Northwood in West Norwood London! Come and have a look at my series, plus theres a new piece which has only seen the light of my bedroom wall before. 

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