Travel Illustrations

I usually create work by hand or making pieces and scanning them in to build up an image on photoshop, which can be very time consuming. I love the process, and I feel comfortable working in this way, but now I’m planning to work nomadically for a few months I need something that I can do on the go and be a quicker process. 

Today I experimented with using textures that I have collected and made on photoshop to build up this image. The original photograph was taken by my partner on our trip to Slovenia last year, which I would highly recommend visiting it was the most beautiful place. I need to work on colour palettes and shadows, but saying that I am pretty pleased with this for my first fully digital illustration that isn’t made up of photographs. 

I have spent the past week pinning inspiration images on my Pinterest of travel illustrations, so finally I have a Sunday free to make work for myself and experiment (very rare)and I’m so excited to experiment some more and make more images. I’m also indulging in the chance to look back on all the photo’s from our time in Slovenia and pretend I’m there again for a little while. 

Collab with Artist Louisa Foley

I’ve been following Louisa’s work for a little while now on Instagram. I love her nude portraits, they really capture each woman’s power when taking these photos of them selves. I think the idea of being turned into a piece of art is really empowering, each portrait is really individual and shows the amazing characters involved in the project. I am pretty much convinced I need to get involved now. 

Louisa posted on her instagram story a little while ago asking for collaborators so I obviously jumped at the opportunity. I have a bit of a thing for mountains as you probably can tell, mountains are these huge landscapes that are powerful and beautiful I wanted to show the power these images give to the subjects. I’ve also has an idea for a while for a story about a giant to becomes part of the mountains, which I will get round to making! 

Here is a link to Louisa’s Work: 

Christmas 2017

It feels so wrong for me to be starting christmas this early, I’m usually pretty allergic to it until December, but I’m feeling it this year… so… My Christmas Cards for 2017 will soon be available for order on my Etsy shop, any questions please contact me via my Email! 

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